Discover Colonics in Collaroy Plateau

Discover Colonics
in Collaroy Plateau

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welcome to fluid calm

Your place for holistic gut health nestled in the heart of Collaroy Plateau, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. At Fluid Calm, I specialise in colonics to restore your natural balance and enhance overall well-being.

My holistic approach to wellness focuses on promoting optimal digestive health through the ancient practice of colonics. Wellness can be hard to maintain in today’s world with our consistent exposure to toxins. Using purified water and gentle techniques, tailored to meet your individual needs, I cleanse the colon and eliminate toxins.

Colonics cleanse gut health collaroy plateau debbie

Hi, I'm Debbie

I’m an advanced qualified colon hydrotherapist who is passionate about nutrition and natural remedies, with a particular interest in children’s health.

My own children’s early medical issues had a strong impact on my family, and this led to a renewed focus on a healthier diet, lifestyle and life choices. I have a particular understanding of, and empathy with, people and families undertaking the often daunting transition to a more holistic lifestyle.

My initial career was in primary school teaching in England, which I loved. After raising my children to school age and, in the process, experiencing the life-changing benefits of natural therapies, I decided to re-train in a field that was a vital component of my journey to better health: colonics.

When not working, I spend time with my boys, on Sydney’s northern beaches, in nature, and with my much-loved friends and family.

how it works

My clinic is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I will guide you through the process with care and expertise.


When you book your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a client information form with your brief health history that I will review before your appointment.


During a colon cleanse, purified water is flushed through the colon. This is done using a speculum that's inserted into the rectum, the water tube is then attached to the speculum whilst you are lying on your side. I will then assist you to roll onto your back where you will stay for the remainder of the 40 minute treatment. Water will start to flow through the tube, while I massage your stomach area to relax your colon muscles and facilitate gentle fills and release of filtered water into your colon.


At the end of the treatment, I will assist you off the bed for you to go to the toilet and release the remainder. You are completely covered for privacy throughout.

the benefits

The practice of colon cleansing, also called colonic irrigation and colonic hydrotherapy, dates back to ancient Greece. The benefits of colonics include: 

What my clients are saying ...

Colonics cleanse gut health collaroy plateau debbie
"I was curious, but nervous, about colonic irrigation. Now I know that there was no need to feel nervous. The procedure was gentle and Deb made me feel completely at ease, talking me through each step of the procedure. Afterward, I felt lighter, more energised, and definitely less bloated. It's like you've been cleansed from the inside! If you're considering it, I highly recommend giving it a try—especially if you're looking for a health reset. Thanks, FluidCalm for a great experience."
"Debbie is an exceptional woman who has the kindest soul. Her care throughout each treatment has been wonderful and we have the best conversations. Her knowledge and expertise on gut health is truly remarkable."
"The space that Debbie has created at Fluid Calm is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful which makes for a calm positive experience. Debbie made me feel supported and safe as I’m fairly new to colonic therapy. Debbie gave me some good ideas and information to support my gut health so I can continue to look after myself and optimise my treatments. I highly recommend Debbie as a therapist and look forward to future treatments with her. Thank you Debbie!"

why fluid calm

I am professionally trained and hold an Advanced Certificate in Colon Hydrotherapy. After each client, the room is thoroughly cleaned, and all single-use equipment is disposed of. The clinic also meets all standards set by NSW Health.

I am committed to providing a safe and clean environment where you can reconnect with your body’s natural equilibrium.

I aim to tailor my services to suit all individuals so if you have any particular requirements please reach out prior to your appointment and I can make sure you are accommodated.

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